Writing 101: Unlock the Mind


I live a dull life, don’t get me wrong, I’m not a dull person but I have a dull life and that’s why I write, or attempt to write.

The clock reads 3:15 AM and I’ve been awake for a good hour, so I check the Writing 101 assignment and yuck, it’s to free write or write freely and if I knew how to do that I wouldn’t need Writing 101.

Free write for twenty minutes, you mean ramble, rant, complain, say what is on my mind, without editing checking spelling and for comma. Yes I have a serious editor going on but truth; I like the editing better than the writing. So I play Spider Solitaire to harness my anxiety and go back to bed. In the bathroom I bump into my husband who complains he’s been awake for hours, which isn’t true since I heard him snoring from the other room. Nevertheless, he’s up for the day and I’m returning to bed.

I wake at 7:11 AM, thankful for almost four hours sleep and find his note in the kitchen “Gone Fishing”. It’s not what you think he really does go fishing, although has never brought home a fish. I tease him about another woman, but he’s not a risk taker, happy to golf, fish and sit in a recliner for hours watching sports. He’d watch competition basket weaving if they showed it.

I have a good life, but it’s dull, so I write. I didn’t write until retired and then words and thoughts started creeping into my head. It came easily and was fun, I wrote in my mind, now not so much.

So back to the assignment, I’m task driven and do better writing towards a goal. And I get it, empty your head of annoyances and you’ll free up the creative parts. So I’m thinking of a character I’d like to be. A woman who gets in her car and drives until she gets where she is going. Or how about the woman who rallies the community to garden on property formerly occupied by trailers and builds The Pie Store, good title and in digging learns the trailer park history.

Well some might say I cheated with this first assignment because I hand wrote a  version in a spiral notebook, and I’m now typing it in but I  worry about dangling participles.

. . . Seriously Just Saying

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