Disappear – Really?


Daily Prompt

Saturday unable to view my WordPress blog, I did not think much about it. We were having dinner company, I should be setting the table and besides there would be time in the morning.

Sunday morning, however, I still could not view the site, only the W on an empty page. The login box was gone, disappeared. That is impossible I told myself, it is here just invisible, un-seeable, view-less.

So I typed the URL http://www.claudiajustsaying.com in the tool bar and bingo, my posts appear and relief fanned off panic, however there is still no login box. It does not appear! It has disappeared!

Well if the WordPress front door is shut perhaps, a back door was left open and I attempt to like another blog posted on the Daily Prompt site and cannot.

I recently upgraded my WordPress account and have a promise that the Happiness Engineers will chat with me but that is not working because I need a login box to tell them I am in distress. I search the help option reading answers to many questions that do not HELP ME!

The login box has disappeared.

Perhaps I have been hacked so I change my password and sent a security code but when everything is said and done cannot get in, a login box will not appear.

Desperate I open my receipt email for payment of the upgrade, send a reply email to Owen at WordPress, and go to bed.

With my head on a pillow and unable to sleep, rather than mourn the loss of eight years of blogging I force myself to replay the happy Royal Wedding of Megan Markle and Prince Harry and image what I would have done to Prince Charles had I been Lady Di.

Thankfully in the morning there was a response from Owen asking for a screen image and instructions on how to do this, which impressed with myself was able to. His follow up suggested using another browser, and I did with success, the disappeared box appeared.

The problem was with my search engine and it took another hour exploring their help button to get things working.

Seriously, I am extremely grateful to Owen and the other Happiness Engineers in helping the disappear to appear.

.   .   .   . Seriously Just Saying



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