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Green Poop

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Just when I get my writing grove back, shit happens. Yesterday morning if was green poop. You can laugh but my husband thought it serious and had a small melt down. His poop was apple green. He got up between 3:30 and 4:30 am (Why? Because he always does.) I rose around 7:30, and was greeted with this seven fire alert, before I had coffee.

Consequently, he cancelled plans to play bingo, waited for the doctor’s return phone call and worried. Attempting to be a loving wife, (we’re married 51 years). I spent the next five hours consoling him and reassuring him, he wasn’t going to die. . . today.

I’m working to enter THE WRITER MAGAZINE’S SPRING SHORT STORY CONTEST and planned to hit my computer writing, with my first cup of coffee.

I won’t bore you with the other distractions thrown my way, but around 2pm the wheels fell of the bus and after yelling at my husband, he promised to take the anti anxiety-depression medicine.

This morning I woke refreshed and started writing around 8am. The disruption? Lost cable service.

The dead line for the contest is June 20th. However, we are leaving on a trip on June 14th and I would like to submit by this weekend.

If there is anyone willing to critique my story, (it’s 2000 words) Please let me know and I will email the document to you.

. . . Seriously Just Saying

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