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Red Pepper


It has been a real struggle to write recently, so I have returned to a daily writing exercise. Randomly flip through the dictionary and point at a word. When you have ten words stop. Like them or not, use as many of them in a story/paragraph.

June 11, 2015:

Spacecraft, understated, dummy, numbers, goblin, downriver, rigor, sneak, thief, cayenne

Red Pepper

      A dream woke me in a terrible fright. I was swimming downriver and goblins were everywhere. In the moonlight, their distorted features appeared ghoulish. Some had their eyes in the wrong place, others suffered with over-sized lips, missing ears, or a hole in place of their nose. To say I was glad to be awake was an understatement.

     In the bathroom, I applied a cold cloth to my head then decided to sneak downstairs. I could hear my husband snoring. It was the middle of the night and everyone else was asleep. I took the stairs one at a time avoiding the steps I knew would creak.

     The numbers on the kitchen clock read three thirty and I sat to ponder my dream and recover. Then felt like a thief rummaging through the pantry looking for something to eat.

     The rigor with which the goblins had chased me chewed at my mind. They had not been violent but only a dummy could believe that would not happen with time. Who could these monsters represent in my life? I munched on stale popcorn and made a mental list of anyone I might have harmed. While looking for salt in the spice shelf the cayenne pepper fell on the floor. When I looked down broken glass and red powder covered my feet. My husband was still snoring as I fell to the ground.

. . . . seriously just saying


Fang Man


     Help Me! I am truly struggling with my writing. Ideas used to pop into my head, gnaw at my mind and interrupt my thoughts during the day. I even woke during the night to write in my head. But, and this is a big but, that has stopped. Yes, there are some upsetting things in my life and I am suffering with vertigo; so I have good excuses. Nevertheless I worry the world is passing me by. This morning I decided to nip it in the bud and resume a writing exercise from the past.

     Writing Exercise:

                 Randomly select ten words from the dictionary or any book and use them to make a story. I don’t time myself, although when this is presented to a group there is usually a fifteen minute time frame. I also like to title what I have written. This is what I wrote.

Fang Man

          (Stretcher, Lady, fang, checkpoint, random, lodging, mixture, single-minded, infectious, smoky)

     “I had to force myself,” the lady said as she was carried on a stretcher. The reporter hurried along-side scribbling in a note pad. Her voice contained a single-mindedness that he knew had saved her. But how long would she be alive? Determined to get her story, he jogged with the rescue team as they weaved their way through the mixture of smoky air and chemical scents he noticed at checkpoint.

      “Lady, can you hear me?” He yelled at her listless body after the stretcher had been placed on the ground next to other victims waiting transport. “What’s your name madam? Miss, what’s your name?” He prodded her to answer.

     “My name?” She lifted her head to ask with skepticism followed with an infectious laugh. The reporter lowered himself onto the grass and sat at her side. He felt helpless and wished to be invisible, not there. All he knew was there had been a loud explosion.

     The woman looked into his eyes and said, “I remember his fangs,” and collapsed on the canvas mattress.

. . . . seriously just saying

Writing 10:1 Day 3-Commit to a Writing Pratice

Writing 101: Commit to a Writing Practice
Today, celebrate three songs that are significant to you. For your twist, write for fifteen minutes without stopping — and build a writing habit.

The Kindergarten Verson

The clock just switched to 7:08 and here I go, no pause I have until 7:23 to wrtie and this will he hard, no back spacing to correct that I typed he instead of be, this is very hard but uncensored I doing it no pause or hesitation, the two or three songs that come to mind are songs from my childhood, how am i doing I not looking at the screen I’m looking at the key board the three songs from my child hood are songs my mother sang to me. The first Ma He’s Making Eyes at Me, always makes me smile I recall her sitting on a living room couch and tickling me while she sang. It is one of the few times I felt her love, as one of eight children I always felt unwanted and in fackthe family joke was that the milkman left me because of the first five kids I was the only blonde. But I loved that Long it ended by singing, Mom, he’s kisssing. The second sond would be By The Sea a well known favorite and the sea and ocean have aways brought me joy. Again it makes me giggle just to think of if. The last song would be Over The River and Through the woods to Grandmother’s house we go. We sang that song traveling in the car to not only grandma but anywhere. There was at least five or six kids squeshed in the back seat, no seat belts or any protection. It sounds like I had a great childhood and in many ways it was except I never felt loved and even though the songs bring a smile I am filled with a sadness a heavyness that is pressing on my chest that makes me want to stop typing and pause go into gaga land a place I have fought years to avoid. The clock says 7:18 that means I could stay in this uncomfortable place for five more minutes and that is not happening. I have spent way too much time depressed so I am sighing heavily and wondering if what other songs have meaning for me. I love music and about 6 month bought a new 49 dollar ipod that I still can’t figure out how to load songs because when I hook up to my computer to upload or download cd i have stored it goes to the apple store and i don’t want to purchase from the apple store i want my songs to be put on the device free. now i’m stopping because worried i have gotten too far away from the topic and feel done  with this assignment and just backspaced to insert the word with that i left out. I have a serious editor going on and with two minutes left can’t wait to get this over but perhaps I’ll sing the song

Ma, he’s making eyes at me

Ma, he’s being nice to me

Ma, he’s almost breaking my heart

He’s beside me mercy let his conscious guide him

Ma, he want to marry me and be my honeybee.

Now he’s leaning on my shoulder,

Ma, he’s kissing me.

Well I went over one minute, it’s 7:26am

. . . Seriously just saying