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Why Zero to Hero?

I started my first blog, claudiajustsaying, in 2011 to practice writing, and have had some success. I have written 112 post, have 570 followers, and was even Freshly Pressed, but never learned the basics.

So why go back to the beginning and start over again? I hope to gain confidence and how to give claudiajustsaying a fresh look. Every time I experiment with a new theme I shake. Actually I shake, fret, edit, edit, and edit, debating where to place a comma every time I publish. I am caught up in perfectionism, and it’s draining my creativity.

Bottom line, I am struggling to write and finish a product, you know a novel or novella, or short story, something that I can consider publishing. Many of my followers are family and friends, they know me. A new blog may give me the anonymity to be comfortable in making mistakes.

Why do that publicly and not in a private journal? I want feedback and write better towards a goal. A year from now I would like to have followers who, like myself, are novice writers sharing their experiences and success.

I would like to just write free and easy and know, why my “about me page,” cannot be viewed and what the heck is a pic monkey and ping back. I’ve read the help section several times and haven’t a clue.

So this blog, Seriously Just Saying, will chronicle my writing struggle. Seriously, it has taken me an hour and a half* to write these 252 words.

                                                              . . . . What’s on Your Writing Mind?