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Falling Behind, Seriously

April 21, 2014

Today is day seven of the Zero to Hero challenge at Blogging University and I am seriously behind. The tagline, “Get grounded in blogging basics,” seduced me with the promise that the basics could be easily mastered.

That is not the case. The learning curve is high and there is no weekend off to catch up.

I started to lose my footing with day three’s assignment, “A Penny for Your Thoughts.” The assignment, write about your passionate idea, and why that passionate idea motivated you to start blogging.

After soul-searching it became obvious, I had no passionate idea but wanted to whine about the struggle to write, and attract other people to the pity party. My biggest hurdle is editing, or thinking it’s not good enough. Blindoggbooks, a blogger, promotes acquiring a thick or thicker skin, and finding your audience.

It’s not writers block because as Roger Simon* says, “Why should I get writer’s block? My father never got truck driver’s block.” So why do I stare at the wall?

It’s a pity party and here is your invitation.

Pity Party Invitation

Come to my party
We’ll walk across tables, stand on the chairs
Dance in the garden, dig our toes in the sand
Forget yesterday and tomorrow
Just soak up the sun

Come to my party, without clothes if you like
We’ll blow out the cake candles, talk about life

Pass party platters filled with mistakes
Eat casseroles made from left over dreams, and sour grapes
Stay for dessert, whipped jealousy smothered with envy

Come to my party, we’ll commiserate!
And maybe write
                                                                        . . . . Seriously, Just Saying

*Quote from “On Writing Tools” by Roy Peter Clark